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e-Learning tools that support students to prepare for NCEA exams

Information, support, tips, and techniques for students studying NCEA. Share these with your students as you support them to prepare for exams.

Student exam hub

NZQA's student exam hub provides easy access to past digital exams, paper exams and other resources.

Students can check their digital device to ensure they are using an approved browser and practice past digital exams.


NZ Teachers provide online support answering NCEA students questions about maths, sciences, and English. The site is accessible via a mobile phone.

Study time

All the NCEA past exam papers available for students to access for study. Exemplar answer scripts are available as PDFs for previous years. Short videos support study. Some additional material can be purchased.


Students can create their own set of flashcards for studying or search and use sets already created for free. There is an upgrade option for teachers to create sets of cards to share with their students.

  • NCEA quizlets  – this is a search on NCEA bringing up quizlets made by other users.

NCEA Resources for internally assessed achievement standards

NZQA quality assured assessment resources to support internally assessed Level 1, 2, and 3 registered achievement standards aligned with The New Zealand Curriculum (2007).

Achievement standards derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and their related assessment resources are published on Taumata-Mātauranga-ā-Motu-Ka-Taea .