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Snapshots of learning

Examples of effective classroom practice describing the use of digital technologies to support learning and teaching, with links to supporting resources.

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At Wellington High School, students in Y11 and Y12 are treated as a single maths cohort with a flipped learning approach.

The COVID19 pandemic in 2020 meant that schools had to adapt quickly to students learning from home.

Strengthening relationships and cultural identity through a marae-based approach. Explore Te Ika Unahi Nui.

Year 5 and 6 teachers trial the Gamefroot platform as a vehicle for students to learn how to create a game.

Can students improve their writing using digital/visual formats instead of written text? Making documentaries at Mt Biggs.

Recognise the importance of connecting and engaging with the wider world using digital technologies.

Flipped learning at Ashhurst School has lead to improved student learning outcomes, particularly in boys writing.

Find out how Muritai School incorporated the idea of becoming a STEM school into their Towards 2020 vision.

Polyfest provided Mangere College with an opportunity to re-think curriculum design and improve student achievement.

Cannons Creek, Windley, and Holy Family schools conducted an inquiry to understand and enhance impacts on learning.

See how Kurt Soares developed a collaborative modern learning and teaching space with his year 3-4 students.

Y1 students at Lyttleton School share their learning through digital stories, developing a common language.

Houghton Valley School identified a wide range of benefits as a result of using Hāpara and Google Suite.

Students from Bayswater School created a video slideshow chronicling events in a school-wide inquiry using Animoto.

screenshot of a google form

Find out how students improved their problem solving skills and mathematical knowledge via use of Google Forms.

Exploring complex musical theory and creating sophisticated musical compositions using GarageBand.

Students at Somerville Intermediate School enhanced the presentation of their work about virtues using YouTube.

Student ownership of learning at Fairfield Intermediate School in Hamilton was supported through MyPortfolio.

Students from Melville helped others from Broadlands Primary School to prepare a short mihi using Skype.

Shared learning with peers and subject teachers for NCEA Level 3 English using MyPortfolio at Mt Roskill Grammar.

Music students in Palmerston North used e-portfolios to record their reflections, compositions, and understandings.

Students prepared and learnt their individual mihi in te reo Māori, then created videos to share their learning.

Students improved their literacy skills and their perceptions of themselves as learners through blogging.

Students at Ashburton Intermediate developed an understanding of vocabulary through the use of online flashcards.

A computer and micrphone

Using VoiceThread for assessment helped students who were emergent writers to demonstate knowledge.

Students at Tauranga Primary School used iPads to consolidate their knowledge base, and reinforce learning intentions.

Improved literacy skills, and exploring connections between oral, written, and visual language by creating digital texts.

Students used Kid Pix and iMovie to record and share experiences, and information during an inquiry into kiwi conservation.

Use this filterable collection of videos demonstrating e-learning in action for inspiration; make changes to your practice.

How Cobden School successfully used digital technologies to build on student learning during COVID-19 lockdown

The Mutukaroa Project: great teaching, evidence-based data, and a tailored approach to sharing data with parents.

An integrated pilot programme linking science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics for Y9–13 students.

At Orewa College, Y9 and Y10 students no longer have timetabled specialist subjects. Why has the school has taken this route?

Find out why all all Y9 students at Aorere College take a core subject called Digital, Innovation and Design.

Learn how students at Frankley school design and program their own mobile apps to solve problems in the community.

Culturally responsive deep learning with STEAM, taking the rich cultural diversity of their student cohort as a starting point.

How St Thomas of Canterbury College lifted engagement by embedding gamification and agency into learning.

A collection of students Post-it notes

How placing learners at the centre of their inquiry led to increased engagement and success for priority learners.

Roydvale and Wairakei primary schools inquired into ways of helping students gain ownership over their learning.

Find out how the needs of 13 target learners were addressed by conducting an inquiry with learner agency as a core focus.

A collaborative inquiry focused on raised student achievement in literacy, supported by the use of digital technologies.

Sue Gordon and Judy Harford from Fendalton Open Air School used Spirals of Inquiry to raise literacy levels for boys.

A teacher noted a range of benefits in using the software in a school setting, particularly for collecting data for maths.

Students developed their own dance tracks for their morning exercise programme using GarageBand.

Deeper understanding of mathematical strategies by creating YouTube clips explaining problem solving strategies.

A student using a digital video camera

Students at Howick College increased their motivation and ownership of the learning process by using multimedia tools.

Stanley Avenue School increased ākonga responsibility for developing personal fitness using the SportyPal app.

Using Spiderscribe, an online mindmapping tool, to plan and organise information for report writing.

Helping a 10 year old student, who was non-verbal, communicate activity choices with a single press head-switch.

Improving writing ability and understanding of assessment standards through the use of blogging.

Geocaching treasure hunts were used to engage students and strengthen their "learning to learn" capabilities.

Students at Melville Intermediate used Blogger to share their development of te reo Māori and receive feedback.

Students at Firth Primary School in Matamata developed fluency in te reo Māori using Photo Booth.

An All Blacks game

Ashburton Netherby School used digital technologies to support an inquiry focused on the Rugby World Cup .

Using screencasting as part of assessment was successful for improving student reflection and parent involvement.

Onehunga-Cuthbert Kindergarten improved storytelling by producing and sharing stories with animation software.