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The Enabling e-Learning website is designed to be a hub for ICT related education resources and programmes in New Zealand. It brings together everything that school leaders and teachers need to develop their the skills, knowledge, and confidence in using e-learning.

The aim of the site is to be flexible, collaborative, and responsive to the needs of educators in New Zealand schools. Content is constantly being developed to ensure the site is up to date and reflects the needs of our users. We welcome your feedback and invite you to share your stories with us. 

For questions or feedback about material on this site or to talk about sharing a digital story describing what is happening in your school contact:

Jane Armstrong: Project leader, content developer
Email: jane.armstrong@core-ed.org

For questions or feedback on the Virtual Learning Network contact:

Tessa Gray: Online Facilitator
Email: tessa.gray@core-ed.org

We invite you to participate in the Virtual Learning Network  community discussions to share your ideas and resources.

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