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Extending vocabulary using online flashcards in Quizlet

Tags: English | Science | Utilities/tools/gadgets | Primary | Upper primary |

Students at Ashburton Intermediate in Christchurch developed an understanding of subject specific vocabulary through the use of online flashcards.

"In our school we review how well e-learning creates inclusive pathways for all learners."
eLPF 2014

Creating a supportive learning environment

The classroom teacher recognised that many of her learners had difficulty understanding technical terms related to classroom topics. She wanted to find an effective way to focus her students on the key vocabulary they would need in their next science unit on the water cycle.

The teacher introduced Quizlet to her students. Quizlet is an online learning tool that allows users to engage in a range of activities around subject specific vocabulary.

Teaching and learning

To determine specific learning needs, students completed a pre-test that required them to draw, describe, and label the water cycle using correct terminology. The results showed that most students had little knowledge of scientific vocabulary related to the water cycle.

The teacher then created a set of flashcards within Quizlet using technical vocabulary from the unit, for example, precipitation, condensation, evaporation. She entered both the words and their definitions.

Students completed Quizlet activities at school and at home such as:

  • Speller – a target word is spoken and users type it into a box.
  • Learn – a definition is provided and users type the word.
  • Test – users answer quiz questions based on the words and definitions.
  • Scatter – users drag each word on to its definition to make it disappear. This is a timed activity.
  • Space Race – as definitions glide across the page, users type the correct word before the definition reaches the other side. The speed increases as the game progresses.

Student outcomes

The results of a post-test showed major improvements in students' knowledge and use of subject specific vocabulary. The teacher noticed that students were using the scientific language around the classroom, and spelling accuracy improved dramatically. 

Student voices

  • I heard the weather man on TV say there was a chance of some precipitation tomorrow and I knew what he meant.
  • I taught my parents some new words and showed them the meaning on Quizlet.
  • I want to make some of my own flashcards to show the class.