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Making connections globally

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Duration: 1:12

Teacher at Newmarket school, Virginia Kung, talks about how they have made connections with people across the world through Twitter and Skype.

Virginia Kung: Working through the electrical side of the unit through science, Sonya van Shaijik, our ICT person, suggested we could make some connections with some role models. Through Twitter she found LightUp which is a company that has been established by two young entrepreneurs, Josh and Tarun. They’ve created an electrical module, as such, for schools, and it was talking about how you can learn through science. We then Skyped Josh and Tarun in San Francisco and the children all had questions for them.

Student 1: We Skyped two guys, Josh and Tarun. I can remember that one person asked if a pigeon stood on an electrical wire, would it be electrocuted and I think Josh said that only if the pigeon is standing on two wires.

Virginia Kung: It was really exciting. It was good that they were able to see through other technologies about how we can make connections, not just within our school and in our community, but globally as well.

Tags: Primary, Community engagement, Collaborative tools, Future focused learning