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Applying SOLO taxonomy

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Duration: 1:9

Teacher, Virginia Kung talks about how she applied SOLO taxonomy to her science lessons.

Virginia Kung: The framework is you set rubrics, and the rubrics talks about your prestructural learning up to the extended abstract. It’s about looking at learning outcomes. It’s very similar in lots of ways to like your learning intention, but it’s also the success criteria about where you want to achieve and how far you want to get through that. So the science part of it, when they were looking at their electrical units and things that they were making, they would make their predictions, their observations as they were going through and this is where SOLO helped, because they knew that to get the extended abstract, they had to think about how they would look at it in a new way, or create something totally different with the things that they had there, which is what they were really aiming to get, because children love making progress and really achieving. They spoke to Pam Hook and so she talked to them as scientists coming back to that. So again, we were connecting with someone who we had had in the school before and looking at their learning outcomes and how they’d achieve that by being scientists and looking at it from a scientific view.

Tags: Primary, Science, Future focused learning