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Home school partnerships

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Duration: 1:9

Teacher, Reubina Irshad explains how they create home school partnerships by helping parents to support their child’s learning at home. Teachers set specific targets with parents at learning conversation meetings. They agree how parents can support their child at home and provide resources and weblinks for our parents to use with their child. They have found parents ask richer questions regarding the learning of their child in the classroom.

Reubina Irshad: We have taken learning beyond the classroom into our homes of our families by setting targets with our parents when they come to these learning conversations and looking at what their child can do in the classroom at school, in terms of their learning, and how parents can support their child at home. We provide resources for our parents, as we set those targets, so the targets are very specific. We also, as part of resourcing our parents, we provide them with websites that we use at school where the children can log into at home, for example, Reading eggs website that we use, and also a maths website that we use to enhance our maths programme at school. Parents are starting to ask more richer questions regarding the learning of their child in the classroom, and are wanting to know more about how things are being taught and what they’re being taught and wanting more about the expectations of where their child should be in terms of their learning.

Tags: Primary, Community engagement, Future focused learning, Whānau engagement, Home-school partnership