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Principles of Tātaiako

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Duration: 0:52

Leamington School principal, Mike Malcolm explains the school virtues and how they include manaakitanga and whanaungatanga.

Mike Malcom: Sitting around our Leamington Learners concept are our cogs, but there’s also our school virtues. And so as we explored the Tātaiako document, we saw that ako fitted really nicely into our cogs, but those other elements about manaakitanga and whanaungatanga fitted really nicely into our school virtues and so what we did, is we just sort of unpacked those to make sure that all those things that were really important for our Māori students to achieve as Māori, were what we were seeing in our school virtues and how we treated each other, not just as students, but also how we interact with each other as adults, how we wanted the students to interact together, how we might interact with our community. So it was quite an overarching concept of who we are, not just as learners, but who we are as people.

Treetops TV: Dispositions in action

Leesa Mangino: One of the opportunities that we have for our children, our senior students, on a Friday is called Treetops TV. So, that is our school television programme where the children are in charge, they drive it. They use technology to record what’s happening around the school. They have a sports show where they talk about the different sports that are happening so it’s a key driver in terms of the learning because they’re using a lot of the cogs and virtues while they’re actually engaged in that task. They are being effective communicators, they’re making a difference to the school because they’re sharing what’s happening with our community. They’re being active learners. They’re being effective thinkers because they’re having to come up with the shows and do their scripts.

Student 1: We use the iPads in Treetops TV, mainly for filming, but also for writing up scripts and questions if it’s a quiz. The Treetops TV videos go onto the school website and on to YouTube. We watch the Treetops TV videos when they are published, then the Board of Trustees and other parents at the school watch them.

Student 2: I watch them with my Dad, thinks they are very cool and he sometimes gives me advice like what we can do better.

Tags: Primary, Future focused learning, Values