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Community consultation on the iPad Initiative

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Duration: 1:17

Parents of students at Leamington School explain how the school prepared parents and the wider community for BYOD implementation.

Jodi Brenton-Rule: The community was consulted about the bring your own device programme quite extensively in the lead-up in the year prior. There were information evenings, there were at least two information evenings where the parents could come along and they were presented with the information and had the opportunity to ask questions and those questions were then answered, and if they couldn’t be answered on the night, then they took that away and at the next information evening, they would give us the information that they’d found.

Sabina Lang: The school prepared the community for the iPad initiative by organising an iPad information evening where the parents were invited to come into school and where the whole set up and rules and regulations were explained. Later on we had another information evening where the parents were shown how to supervise their children technically on the iPad and how to set up their own iPads to control wherever their children are in terms of apps or websites.

Tags: Primary, BYOD, Community engagement, Future focused learning, Whānau engagement, iPads