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Wireframing mobile apps

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Duration: 1:43

Students work with an industry mentor to plan their app design at Frankley School.

So a wireframe is basically a plan of the app and it sets out what a screen on the app will look like and then what it links to. So the students can develop a digital wireframe or a paper wireframe. And it allows those students who are really good at art and design to draw on their strengths, to actually create those.

David Fox:
Can you tell me about those, what is the app going to look like?

Student 1:
So the first thing it's going to come up with is this. It's going to come up with the search bar, guide button, and feedback. So whatever you search for it is going to come up with related games, you click on one, it will bring you to this, the details. It will have the platform, if it's family friendly, the age rating, and the star rating.

David Fox:
OK and you’ve got some good navigation I can see there. You’ve obviously got search results. You’ve thought about how the user can get back to the home page.

Student 2:
The reason you need a wireframe.. you need it because you can just see clearly how everything is going to go. There’s arrows pointing to different screens. There's all the buttons on there. And if we forget something it'll be on the wireframe. Without a wireframe it would be harder. I mean, anything's possible, but I reckon it would just be way easier with the wireframe. Because it just shows you how it's laid out instead of you having to go onto your app on every single page of coding and seeing how it works.

Tags: Primary, Technology, Visual arts, Collaborative learning, Coding, Future focused learning, Project based learning, Makerspace, STEM/STEAM, Design, Computational thinking, App development