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Goal setting and reflection: Literacy learning supported by Google docs

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Duration: 2:42

Students from Breens Intermediate share how they record their literacy goals and reflections on Google docs, which are shared with their teacher and peers. They describe the benefits of using this tool for collaboration, ease of access, and specific feedback. 

Student 1: My writing goal is to add more interesting words with my narrative writing, and so I’m going to work on using the thesaurus to help me with my writing.

Student 2: My literacy goal, well my writing one, is to write more complex sentences because I need to also make the length of some longer and then some shorter. He has given me feedback on what I need to do to improve my work and I’ve gone back and done that.

Student 3: My literacy goal is to use a GPS editing tool to help me edit.

Student 4: Mine is to read four books over the time of term two because I’m a really slow reader and I want to read more books to increase my vocabulary.

Student 1: So every week we have our weekly reflection. And so we go on and reflect on what we’ve been doing that week with our goals. And then our buddy comes and like helps us with that, so asks us more questions to extend on what we’re been doing with our goals.

Student 2: I’ve been creating documents and sharing them with my teacher and getting feedback from him.

Student 4: So I would write out my goals and then I could share them with whoever I want to I can trust, but they will still give constructive comments about your work and that you could work on.

Student 5: I think Google docs is really effective in that way because you can share and you can share it with your teacher and you can edit your work easily and you know what you’re doing. And you know once you’ve written something it’s saved there forever basically.

Student 1: I think because other people can write on there and they could maybe help me extend and talk about it with me and that will help me with what I’m doing. I like using Google docs because it’s a good way to if you’re writing a story together you can use everyone’s different strengths. So, if I’m not a good speller I could be working on the base of the story and the person next to me could be working on the GPS, so doing the editing or seeing if it all makes sense. And so it’s a good way to write a story together but then make it even better by working with others. And when you’re seeing other people write on the document you can maybe improve your sentences and the way you’re writing the paragraph by using maybe their way of writing, so you can make it even better than what your sentence was originally.

Tags: English, Assessment, Self-regulated learning, Literacy, Collaborative tools