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Improving schoolwide communication using Google apps

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Duration: 1:38

Brian Price, shares the difference using Google Apps has made at Breens Intermediate. He lists improved access and communication with staff, particularly with the sharing of meeting and planning documents. The benefits for students learning with improved opportunities for collaboration and communication which has led to increased engagement. 

The world of Google apps, how exciting is that? We’re seeing communication between the teachers with the sheer planning is significant. You know, from management we are able to jump on and have a look at what’s going on in the meeting from wherever we are to see what’s happening with the teachers with their discussions around planning and what’s happening with the kids, as opposed to going in and looking at a document and then asking questions about it, we can engage straight away. So that’s really quite cool. We’ve got the kids reflections using Google docs with their teachers and it’s really neat because I’m able to jump into those as well and see what Flynn is telling Gaye about his particular goal and how that’s working, and that’s happening at all levels and the parents are engaging in that as well. We’re seeing motivation and engagement from the students a lot more. Because they are really seeing they don’t have to put their hand up in class, they can ask in a discreet way for help, or they can see that connection from their teacher. They see the teacher not just as a person at the front of the class that they can ask through their literacy time, you know, they can do it in their time, and it gives the teacher a better understanding of the context of the child as well. So we are seeing a lot of difference in the way the students being like that connection with their teacher in a non-threatening environment, and that’s making a big difference. And where we are going to next I think it’s just more and more of the empowerment of the student and engaging with their learning more.

Tags: Secondary, Collaborative tools, Collaborative learning, Strategic planning