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Using video conferencing to expand learning options

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Duration: 1:58

Southern Cross Campus student Shona Unasa takes economics via video conference. She shares her learning experience using this medium. 

The reason why I’m taking economics with Harbour Net is because economics is one of the subjects that I love, and it clashes with geography and I didn’t want to choose either out of geography and economics.

And it’s cool how everything’s upgraded now like instead of having to choose between a class you get to have an option where like other teachers are there to help you which, via Harbour Net, so I reckon that’s cool.

It’s really easy and it’s, you’re able to see clearly, not like, it’s not blurry or anything. You can hear the teacher really well. You don’t have to like turn it right up just so you could hear them, or you don’t have to zoom in, and when they’re using their laptops they can like zoom into the laptop just so we can see what’s on the worksheet and all that stuff, so it’s really useful.

I get a, I get an email every single week of what we have to learn and all that stuff. Not an email then we have a website that, it’s just only for our economics class and we can chat with him to see what he put up with us and he gives us YouTube videos also to help with.

We have other students from around, basically South Island, and when the class first starts we all come in and then we just introduce ourselves and just start talking before our lesson starts and then our teacher comes and then, yeah we just, we try to bond with everyone else. Having Harbour Net I reckon it’s really useful because I didn’t have to drop a subject that I love. So yeah I would recommend it to other schools.

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