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Sharing book reviews with QR codes

Video Help

Duration: 2:19

Hillcrest Normal School librarian, Kim Bizo demonstrates and describes the process for making QR codes of book reviews with gifted and talented students. 

Kim Bizo
We’ve got some really good readers in the school so we have a GATE reading group or extension group that have come and met in the library and we had a discussion about books and authors they were reading and what came up was really a lot of the children were reading the same authors and they weren’t necessarily challenging themselves with new authors and so I had a whole lot of new books and we decided to offer them a choice of these new books and for them to do a book review.

Student 1
We are making QR codes because, because, so people can read books and so people can people will know if they like the book before they read them instead of reading them straight away.

Kim Bizo
This way we decided was to do, to create a QR code to slap on the back of the book and do a podcast and it's worked very well, so.

Student 2
Well we use Vocaroo because it's really easy to do. When you start speaking it will start turning your voice into a QR code and Mrs Bizo will print it out and actually stick it on the book so people would be able to listen to it from an ipad.

Kim Bizo
So the most fantastic thing about the QR code and using it for the book reviews is that the children are actually creating and they’re giving their voice.

Student 2
It’s about a worm that is like a superhero and loves helping other insects and is very strong and long.

Well the tone of your voice will sometimes change the ideas of the person that is wanting to get the book. So if you have a really up tone they will think it’s a really cool book and if you’re not happy at that day they might think it's not that good and you’re just saying it

Student 3
I recommend this book to anyone who likes thrills, myths, and has a great sense of adventure.

Kim Bizo
That was excellent; shall we listen to it?

Student 3
In these books two young kids journey off to different kingdoms to fight....

Kim Bizo
Ok, were you happy with that? Ok we’ll save it and now we’re going to generate the QR code (go there and find the QR code) There it is. Ok and there’s the QR code so we’ll get that and we’ll print it out and we’ll stick it on the back of the book.   

Tags: English, Primary, Publishing, Communication, Interactive displays, QR codes, Writing, Reading, Vocaroo, Software for learning