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MASAM supported by technology

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Duration: 1:39

The principal, a student, and a teacher from Motu School talk about how technology has supported Māori achieving success as Māori within their school. 

Paul Cornwall – Principal, Motu School:

Linking technology into the inquiry process is vital because it is really the driving force behind it. It’s where you can research and the technology is what helps and makes it more exciting. We like to say here that in Motu that we’re only geographically isolated

Jermial – Student:

I’m learning in the VLN we like get sent homework we’re like doing our mihi and talk, a pepeha, and so we’re mainly doing stuff about ourselves. Well it feels quite good being a Māori because then I can speak to most of my grandparents, to my nans and that, in te reo.

Shelley Cornwall – teacher:

We enrolled our students in the Virtual Learning Network, commonly known as the VLN and, because we thought that it was a good opportunity to cover the field that we don’t actually have expertise in. And so, a lot of protocol, a lot of opening prayers, waiata, all that sort of the thing is coming from someone who’s really confident and good at it. And one of our students left a couple of weeks ago, and he was pretty excited because his new school had just started doing legends and different sort of protocols, and he said, “Oh I know about this.” And he’s gone from a school with 10 students to a school with about 4 or 5 hundred and he’s standing up, his Dad was so proud of him, sharing his knowledge and so we’re thinking, it must be working.

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