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Benefits of a class blog

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Duration: 1:56

Russell Street School teacher, Nic Mason and his students talk about the purpose of their class blog and the importance of the feedback they get.

We’ve got a class blog, The ins and outs, and we use it for telling the world about what’s going on at Russell Street School.

Whether it be, oh yeah we’re going on a class trip or this is what we’re learning in maths, this is what we’re learning in reading you can go and check this video out to help you out so just, just panui, just notices. The benefits of the class blog is definitely the feedback, our audience is real.

People from around the world can look at what I’ve been doing, like I’ve got quite a lot of my Dad’s side of the family live over in Wales and we can, they look on my blog quite a bit and leave a comment to say that if they like it and if I need to add in any more detail and they can ask me questions so it can go back.

Top tips for setting up your class blog – get as much student input, you know, get them to take ownership of it, even if it’s you and your class’ class blog get them to put, you know, cool stuff on there, get them to buy in. At the beginning of the year I focused quite a lot on how to make a good comment and I had levels, you know level one was this, and level two was that and the parents said oh you know I just want to make a comment saying, “Wow that’s really cool,” but that puts me at a low level comment so I took that off and I started just to encourage comments. It didn’t matter what or how good the comment was just as long as people were commenting on their learning, yeah, as a starting point. 

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