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Students take ownership of their learning

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Duration: 1:19

Staff at Te Kura o Kutarere talk about the change in students' attitude to learning that has occurred as a result of using Storybird in the writing process. Teacher Susan Lee describes how the focus has moved away from classroom management to students taking responsibility for their own learning, developing confidence in themselves as learners, and wanting to share their writing with others. 

I think the focus has moved away from classroom management, although we still have to have management, but it’s more about students being independent and responsible for their own actions and producing results rather than who can be quiet while I talk.

Another good thing has been the amount of self esteem and confidence that kids are exhibiting which was very, very almost non-existent prior to this and I think that’s - you know, success breeds success if you like.  

Some students who weren’t so good at managing their own work have completely turned that around - can’t wait to get onto the laptops to carry on with their story, can’t wait to share it with others and want it published so the world can see it. Whereas before it was always oh no, don’t show my work, I don’t want anybody to see that. That’s the biggest difference that I’ve seen.

Tags: English, Primary, Publishing, Storybird, Writing, Student agency, MASAM, MM Teaching

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