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Stop motion animation - a tool for all learners

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Duration: 1:58

Sue Martin from Greenmeadows School shares how using stop motion animation with her students has improved student literacy learning outcomes and resulted in more confident learners. The process of making short animated movies provides an authentic and inclusive context for students to develop key competencies through sharing and cooperating. Because the movies are online it makes it easy for students to engage parents in their learning as well. 

Sue Martin – Teacher, Greenmeadows School:

The learning outcomes have been immense and some of them you just can’t measure on paper but the confidence, and all those key competencies of sharing and cooperating.

Greenmeadows School student, girl:

We’re wondering how we can pull the table out and put that in.

Greenmeadows School student, boy 1:

'Cause if we pull the table out in the movie the table would move in the movie and we don’t want that.

Sue Martin – Teacher, Greenmeadows School:

And, just the way that different children, children with special needs or children who are on the spectrum, children who have social needs can work together with other children. It’s a safe little corner that they can work in. They feel safe. It’s protected. They’re working away. They’re producing something. They’re making a whole story come alive. Those have been quite tangible outcomes. Just confidence, confidence and pride. Pride because they see their end result each day and obviously at the end of the animation. Parents just come in. They show their parents in the morning before school. We’ve shared it with staff so there’s that pride of success. That’s been a huge learning outcome and also just confidence in speaking, using their voice for characterisation.

Greenmeadows School student, girl:

We look at the pictures and wonder what they might be saying so we say it.

Greenmeadows School student, boy 1:

I came up with Jack and the Beanstalk.

Greenmeadows School student, boy 2:

I did too.

Greenmeadows School student, boy 1:

Yeah, we all came up with Jack and the Beanstalk and then we did this one and we are in the middle part I think?

Greenmeadows School student, girl:

Yeah, in the middle part.

Tags: English, Primary, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Literacy, Key competencies, Digital literacy