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MCS TV – Using digital technologies to enhance literacy

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Duration: 3:8

Principal, Helen Pearson and students discuss how they have used Mahurangi Christian School TV (MCS TV) to enhance literacy in their classroom. They are not only thinking about written language, but visual and oral language. 

Helen Pearson: We have started to have MCSTV, and the children have thoroughly enjoyed this. We are learning to broaden our scope with literacy so that we’re not only thinking about written language, but visual language and oral language are an important part of that, and certainly form the basis of thinking for written language anyway.

Student: The movie was about science experiments and it was called Exploding Science, and we have done quite a few experiments, like a coke geyser. We tried to make a bouncing egg but that didn’t work, and we made a homemade rocket.

Student: We were told to write all what we’re going to say and do on a piece of paper, and write like interesting words that we’re going to teach about and that. And I was put down as a crazy woman teacher.

Student: The next step was to put all of our plans into one big plan and start, like, making it.

Student: We had to try and get the script ready and try learn it off by heart, and then we chose what’s going to be like, is it going to be a funny movie or is it going to be very serious.

Student: Then we filmed it with an iPad and we like sequenced all of our speaking.

Student: We came up with the best one, and then started to edit it, and put all the cool features on, all on iMovie.

Student: Well we watched it, and then we like changed a few things, and did it over a couple of times, and made new ones to see which was better, and we made some bloopers as well.

Student: We had the whole classroom as well, made it into a full movie, and yeah that’s the editing done, and yeah.

Student: We showed it to our class and teachers, and asked about their opinion, and then we changed a little bit of it.

Student: After the editing we got to share them with the rest of the school, and the little kids got to see what we could do.

Student: Then the next week we’d start a new movie. Yeah, it was much easier to use the iPad because with the computer we would have to use both. Like, video on the iPad and then use the computer. But the iPad was easier because you could do it all on the iPad.

Tags: English, Primary, Multimedia – video, Literacy, iPads, Future focused learning, iMovie, Hardware for learning