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Explore examples of how akonga/student engagement and learning outcomes within the science learning area of The New Zealand Curriculum have been supported and improved with the use of technologies. Students and teachers are using technologies to support collaboration, personalised learning, and authentic learning experiences.

Key resource

New Zealand Curriculum Online: Science
Resources show how to weave the nature of science strand and the key competencies into science teaching and learning.


Students at Ashburton Intermediate in Christchurch developed an understanding of subject specific vocabulary through the use of online flashcards.

Tags: Diverse learners, English, Science, Utilities/tools/gadgets, Primary, Upper primary

Kid Pix

Students at Sunnybrae Normal School used Kid Pix and iMovie to record and share experiences, ideas, and information during an inquiry about kiwi conservation.

Tags: English, Science, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Multimedia – video, Lower primary, Primary

Raising student achievement

Polyfest provided Mangere College with the opportunity to re-think curriculum planning and design to improve student achievement results for NCEA.

Tags: English, Learning languages, Science, Social sciences, The Arts, Visual arts, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Multimedia – video, Secondary, Upper secondary

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Key resource

Science Online
A site with resources, ideas, and examples of science teaching and concepts for both primary and secondary teachers of science.

A free online collection of virtual field trips to locations in New Zealand and Antarctica. The trips take an inquiry-based approach within science, social sciences, and the arts for both primary and secondary schools.

Promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy so students can engage in a critical and informed manner with real-life science and technology related issues and authentic, and context-based mathematical explorations. 

New Zealand Curriculum Online: Science
An outline of the science learning area structure, achievement objectives, and information. 

NZ Curriculum Guides: Science
Comprehensive elaboration of the science learning area statement and achievement objectives found in The New Zealand Curriculum at a senior secondary level.

Science learning hub
Easy to access, quality assured teaching resources to support school science learning.

New Zealand Science Teacher
Information on everything about science and science education. 

e-Learning in science

A series of four research reports focusing on working with a group of schools to develop a best-practice, sustainable model for embedding e-learning in science education. One of the aims was to identify factors that enhance or constrain the incorporation of effective e-learning in science education.

Author: NZCER researchers

Science: a blended e-learning approach
A group for primary school teachers and students to share ideas, resources and strategies that motivate interest and participation in science, and making science relevant to everyday living in the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) .

Online community discussions