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Developing the infrastructure for new technologies

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Duration: 0:58

Principal Jane Danielson shares the thinking that went into planning their technological infrastructure at Hingaia Penninsula School.

Every decision is based on, “Is that promoting creative learning?” “Is that promoting collaborative learning?” “Is it agile enough to fit two or three purposes?” So we do keep coming back to those decisions around chairs, around devices, around where we put the ports in the wall. Everything is based around those three elements. We wanted to make sure that the networks that we put in to the school were robust enough to use the ultra-fast broadband to its full capacity so we’ve done quite a lot of work around researching the infrastructure so that whatever devices we put in there and however many devices we put in there are able to be catered for should everybody have a device and be online at the same time. 

Tags: Primary, Innovative learning environment, 1-1 Digital technologies, Infrastructure