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Developing learning spaces

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Duration: 2:4

The senior management team at Hingaia Peninsula School describe how their vision to be creative, collaborative, and agile has informed and influenced the development of learning spaces in their school. They explain the research and considerations that were part of their decision making process.

At Hingaia Peninsula School our vision is to be creative, collaborative and agile. So, keeping that in mind with our learners we want to use ICT to enhance personalised learning for the children.

And so, working with the establishment board and the architects, as well as visiting lots of schools, and doing lots of research around creativity, about future schooling, about what’s happening around the world, we were able to come up with the idea of using the rooms for different types of learning. For example, which habits of minds would be used predominantly in the room, which multiple intelligences would be catered for. And then we also looked at the types of digital spaces that Ewan Mcintosh talks about; about how those would be facilitated across the learning studio but particularly some of the rooms would lend themselves more easily to a digital space than others. How I looked at the digital spaces that meant that we had to really carefully consider what our data plan was. We spent a lot of time looking at what type of environment we wanted to create digitally for the children, where the ports would be, how accessible they would be, where we would have floor boxes, how much wiring would go in, how we could future proof it as much as possible. We’ve looked at how we could use digital signage, how we could use soft phones, how we can have a green screen room for all of the students to use in each studio so for each set of 75 students. Having access to these things, that in turn informed the types of furniture that we would put into those rooms which would facilitate that learning.  

The spaces that we’ve created are allowing children to be creative, collaborative and agile in terms of they are able to choose which learning spaces they want to work in.

Tags: Primary, Innovative learning environment

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