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Role of the e-learning leader in Hingaia Peninsula School

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Duration: 1:34

Jane Danielson, principal of Hingaia Peninsula School, explains the role of their e-learning leader as being, "a person who will facilitate learning for our whole community for the students, the teachers, and for the parents." She describes how the school library will house the "spark bar" and the process for supporting and developing the understanding of how to use technologies to enhance the learning process.

With our staffing, we’ve decided to employ somebody who has responsibility for e-learning across the school. So, our e-learning leader, we see as being a person who will facilitate that learning for our whole community for the students, the teachers, and for the parents.

With that in mind we decided that with having an e-leader based in the library was going to be a really good use of that space for us. We see e-learning as being more than just the technology - it’s all of the resources, it’s the facilitation of professional learning for the community. So, having that person able to be accessed by anybody at anytime, much as e-learning is, was important to us. So, we have created what we call a spark bar in the library. It’s in addition to the traditional library information counter where the children can come along with their device or they can use one of the devices that is in the library. They can get specialist help. They can get technical support. They can talk over an issue with the resident expert. Then, that teacher will be able to help them point them in the right direction, share something with them, and then they can go back to class. That facility is also there for the teachers if they need it - or for teachers to bring their groups of children over to work with that e-learning leader.

Tags: Primary, Leadership, e-Leadership