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Student Record Transfer – Efficient data sharing between schools

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Duration: 1:28

Principal at Nayland College, Daniel Wilson, talks about how the Student Achievement Function process helped them identify areas that they can improve, particularly around student record transfer to enable a better transition process for new students.

We were involved in the SAF process last year, the Student Achievement Function process, which really helped us to identify, as a school, that we needed to do a lot more work around our students coming into the school, and the transition process. Part of that process is, obviously, insuring that we have really good quality data travelling between our feeder schools and ourselves.

One of the things that we are talking about with our feeder schools, and we're working, hopefully, really hard with them this year to achieve, is to enable student record transfer between the schools. We know that the intermediate schools have really good quality data around our students, from the National Standards, from the OTJs (Overall Teacher Judgements). We want a really simple and easy way to transfer that data into our school, so that we can identify our target students very early on in year nine, and we know we can put interventions in place and are going to be successful around those students.

The data is also very clean when it comes from SMS to SMS, so we're not having to use an office person to input the data, perhaps making mistakes along the way, and also it's impossible for us to input every bit of information around assessment that the intermediate schools may have done. So by enabling student record transfer we can pull down all of that data around all the different assessments that have taken place during the life of that child at that school.

Tags: Secondary, SMS