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e-Portfolios making a difference to student learning

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Duration: 1:26

Nic Mason, a teacher at Russell Street School, shares how he uses the class blog to model how he wants his students to develop their e-portfolios. His students comment on the value of the instant feedback and comments from parents to their learning.

It wasn’t until I came to Russell Street School and saw the model that they used here where I started to put two and two together and used the e-portfolios as a platform to show our learning into the community. Our class blog is called Despicable Three and I use it to model what my kids need to do for their e-portfolios to put on their own e-portfolio. With the benefits of the e-portfolios, the audience for the kids is real.

So, the comments really help and it’s really good for the post to show the parents and everyone around the school what we’ve been doing.

And it also helps parents to be able to view your work having an e-portfolio because if you just have a portfolio at school then your parents have to wait until you take it home ‘cos you normally take it home at the end of the term right? But with an e-portfolio that’s online they can check it whenever, wherever, they want.

Tips for setting up a successful e-portfolio is having a variety of things on there. There’s heaps of different ways to share learning but it’s really important to just have a go, just get into it.