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Health and physical education

Explore examples of how akonga/student engagement and learning outcomes within the health and physical education learning area of The New Zealand Curriculum have been supported and improved with the use of technologies. Students and teachers are using technologies to support collaboration, personalised learning, and authentic learning experiences.

Key resource

The PE Geek
Learn how to use game changing technologies in your PE Classroom

Health: Keeping safe online

The ongoing changes in technology and the way it is used means all staff, students, and the wider community need to know how to model responsible behaviours as successful digital citizens in real-world contexts. The following resources provide information for teachers and students to help students keep safe online.

Sean Lyons, Chief Technology Officer from NetSafe, explains the Learn Guide Protect (LGP) website. LGP is intended to support schools in developing a culture of digital citizenship by providing information and resources for teachers and students in their learning around what it is to be a digital citizen. Sean explains the three layers making up the website and their specific purposes.

Key resources

Digital citizenship and cybersafety
In this clip, Sean discusses NetSafe's definition of digital citizenship and how it fits into the national curriculum. He explains, "the focus of cybersafety has expanded beyond policies and procedures to include discussion, action, and teachable moments in the classroom." Students need to build skills and knowledge to effectively manage cyber challenges themselves, and become confident and successful digital citizens.

The NetSafe Kit for Schools
This kit sets out a comprehensive programme of cybersafety for schools based upon infrastructure of policies, procedures and use agreements, an effective electronic security system, and a comprehensive cybersafety education programme.

Enabling e-Learning Teaching

Digital citizenship
Information about digital citizenship and keeping students safe online, including discussion starters and practical steps for school leaders and teachers.


Students at Somerville Intermediate School developed their own dance tracks for their morning exercise programme using GarageBand.

Tags: Health and physical education, The Arts, Multimedia – audio/music/sound, Primary, Upper primary


Students at Stanley Avenue School in Te Aroha were empowered to take increased responsibility for developing their personal fitness using the utility application SportyPal.

Tags: Health and physical education, Mathematics and statistics, Utilities/tools/gadgets, Primary, Upper primary

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Key resource

Secondary PE - The human Body teaching resources
PE teaching resources and ideas for engaging pupils with the organs of the body, and the function of each. 

The PE Geek
Learn how to use game changing technologies in your PE Classroom.

Gamification of human anatomy
Tim Gander, Assistant Head of Health and physical education at Gisborne Boys High school and 2014 e-Fellow, profiles two fun web apps in his blog .

Sport New Zealand
An organisation to support young New Zealanders to participate in sports. This website has information, resources, news and events.

TKI: Health and Physical Education online
Key resources for teaching Health Education, Physical Education, and Home Economics. 

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NCEA on TKI: Health education  
NZQA quality assured assessment resources to support internally assessed Level 1, 2, and 3 registered achievement standards for health education aligned with The New Zealand Curriculum (2007).

New Zealand Curriculum Online: Health and physical education
This section of New Zealand Curriculum Online provides an outline of the health and physical education learning area structure, achievement objectives, and information. 

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