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BYOD – Benefits for student learning

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Duration: 1:54

Lead ICT teacher, Ben Britton and students at Wellington High School describe how 1:1 devices have enabled student agency. Students work more collaboratively and have easy access to online resources to support learning, not just resources provided by the teacher.

Ben Britton: So since we’ve gone one-to-one, I’ve seen the students being able to take a lot more responsibility for their own learning. They can get to resources that teachers may not have thought of. It opens up their worlds to what is out there, not just what the teacher decides to give them.

Cas: Having that quick and easy resource just in your bag all the time is useful.

Ben Britton: The most powerful things about having the devices on hand is that the students are able to go off and find resources to assist them in their learning. Some students will be looking at the video I showed them last week. If they didn’t have a one-to-one device, they’d be stuck with just the notes they’d written down maybe realising what they wrote didn’t make sense. With a device, they can go back and check it out.

Naomi: I think that it makes it easier because you’ve got all your information right in front of you.

William: With the Google Classroom, it’s really easy. It’s all there for you. You’re teacher can send you work from anywhere to anywhere you are. You know, as long as you’ve got your device you can do your work.

Ben Britton: I know that many teachers use the collaborative aspects of Google Docs very heavily. The ability for students to come in and be editing something as a group and carry on a conversation in the comments beside them really lets the students collaborate well.

William: Well we’ve got a whole lot of different resources we can use. You know, we’ve got Google Classroom and Google Apps and things like that, which allow us to communicate with each other and send each other information very quickly and easily.

Ben Britton: But a lot of that enables a lot of the outside of school collaboration. In school they can collaborate face-to-face and most students prefer that but outside of school they now can collaborate.

Tags: BYOD, Secondary, 1-1 Digital technologies, Student agency