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The design production learning space at Rāroa Normal Intermediate School

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Duration: 1:39

Chris Bailey shares how a dedicated learning space for design production helps students to collaborate on a variety of activities. These experiences place learning in a context for students that is fun and engaging.

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Title slide: The design production learning space at Rāroa Normal Intermediate School

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Chris Bailey, DPE teacher 
I’ve developed this whole back area here instead of being just power tools, it's now our design space so the kids can come in and do the design work in here as well as on other devices around the place.
Chris indicating to design production area where students are working at computers.
I've got a separate TV up that I can use for modelling or scaffolding their learning so if we get to a particular period or time where they are not sure how to do something I can stop a small group and have that sort of just in time teaching. The whole space has had a huge shift and it's a much more collaborative space. I think one of the main things is, it has given students a more realistic context to what they're learning. Often we'll get students coming and doing the, some of the design stuff. Once they've done something using one of the programs I'll talk to them about how they've just been doing maths for an hour.  Students and teacher working in DPE area.
You know, and they’ll at first they'll argue with me and they'll say, “No no I haven't been doing maths. What are you talking about? This is fun.” But when you really step back and think about it they've been looking Chris speaking to the camera.
at geometry and the scale and measurement and all of that key mathematical knowledge. And it blows them away really. Student working on Bloxels design activity.
It's interesting to see how their mindset changes between maths being, seeing maths as this textbook classroom activity to this fun kind of activity where it's context, where they're actually seeing a product or result straight away. And so that's one of the biggest things that I've noticed is, is watching that knowledge and that sort of mindset shift within the students. Chris speaking to the camera.



Tags: Primary, Upper primary, Cross-curricular, Technology, Student inquiry, Learning design, STEM/STEAM, Integrated curriculum