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Integrating technologies into learning: Student perspectives

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Duration: 3:40

Year 7 and 8 students from Rāroa Normal Intermediate School share their experiences of designing and making board games. By working through a design process they have created an interactive project to be proud of. 

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Title slide: Integrating technologies into learning: Student perspectives

enabling e-Learning

Filmed at Rāroa Normal Intermediate School

Alphie, year 7 student
So my game is a card game and it's called Sheep Smuggling. The purpose of the game is to steal the most sheep. 
Alphie showing boxed board game, "Sheep Smuggling".
I learnt how to use a website called Canva and you can choose different posters or cards and stuff.  Image of Canva website .
Then you get photos and put them on the cards. They're just little cards with different icons on the front and then a thing on the back. We also made our instructions (which are here) on Canva as well. Alphie showing printed cards and printed instructions.
Sophia, year 7 student
So this is “Poison or Perfect”. You’re put into teams and you have three cups and you have a whole lot of different tokens. So if you're in Red Team you want to poison the Blue Team. We designed the process on the computer and then we just sent it to the laser cutter and the laser cutter just did most of the work for us. For the box and the cups, especially for the lids and the cups, we did lots of little rings and then superglued them together. We just sort of measured and just said this will be this little. And then it just had to be a little bit bigger, just to fit in. 
Sophia showing game and wooden token pieces.
I really liked the end product because it was really nice seeing people enjoy our game and play it a lot because they just thought it was so interactive. And I also just like the testing, just seeing what would work. Sophia speaking to the camera.
Molly, year 8 student
I got better designing things because we made the cards and the money and things like that. And so I got to use a bunch of different tools that I’ve never used before. 
Molly speaking to the camera.
We used Google Slides for just making these little cards and using a bunch of different things like tools to create  the game pieces.We used Tinkercad to design these and using the laser cutter to design the box. Molly showing game cards and pieces.
Stephen, year 8 student
The game was very hard to make. The purpose of the game is to get to the finish without dying. 
Stephen speaking to the camera.
You're these pirates and you have to try and get to the treasure. We used the laser cutter and we were originally going to use Tinkercad to have a volcano. But it wouldn't work because they'll be too big.  Stephen showing wooden pieces from pirate game.
We loved it when we were having a game cafe and other people playing it and they loved it. Stephen speaking to the camera.
Sophie, year 8 student
The name of our game was Raiders from the Ancient Temple. 
Sophie and Charlie, seated. Sophie speaking to the camera.
It's a hidden movement game. We started off by looking at other games that are real things.  Students in classroom playing games; working around table.
We would see some core mechanics to try and get ideas to inspire us for our board game. Sophie speaking to the camera.
Charlie, year 8 student
And then when you chose one, we started paper prototyping. So we’d make a little bit of the game, that might even just be for us. I think the first bit we did just the movement. Saw how that worked. OK, we’ll add in this thing and then test it again. So it's a lot of testing and a lot of, you know, scrap that idea, try again.
Sophie and Charlie, seated. Charlie speaking to the camera.
Card creation and stuff we used a thing called Canva. That's quite easy because it's all digital and then we could print it quite easily.  Image of Canva website .
Using the laser cutter a little bit was quite good. That was used to make the box as well.  Laser cutter machine.
Having an end product and being able to say, “Well I made this and it's pretty cool. I'm pretty proud of it.” Sophie and Charlie, seated. Charlie speaking to the camera.

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