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Benefits iPads provide for student learning – Part 2

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Duration: 1:25

The high level of student engagement and independence in learning when using iPads is encouraged by the feedback and rewards within the applications. 

One of the real benefits we have seen is the feedback that the children get from the iPad.

When I use the iPad for reading, it’s like a book, so you just flip your pages with your finger and it reads it to you. If you don’t understand a word then you just highlight it and it will say it for you.

You can press it and it comes up with, "Do you want to see the definition?"

It encourages you to learn because it looks fun and you don’t have to come back to the teacher all the time because it shows you how to do it.

Normally they’d get that for a teacher in a one-to-one situation. But now when they’re working independently or working in small groups, with the iPad, they’re actually being encouraged and rewarded by the activities themselves.

When I use the iPad for maths I play different games for example, there’s a game called Math Bingo and you have to answer as many questions as you can and if you beat your time then you get Bingo Bugs. For your reward for doing so much work you get to use this app on it that’s called Bingo Bungee.

They try to beat their scores or they compete against each other or they maybe try a different challenge. It actually is giving them feedback and encouraging them which wants them to do more. 

Tags: Primary, Assistive technologies, Writing, iPads, Classroom practice