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Benefits iPads provide for student learning – Part 1

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Duration: 1:15

Teacher, Craig Kemp, describes the benefits using iPads have brought to students who are kinesthetic learners, especially boys, and students with special needs.

We’ve seen a huge benefit for the children that are kinesthetic learners, the children that learn best by hands on interactivity, that they are more motivated – which is generally the boys. It’s great to see the boys being engaged in learning through technology that gives them the hands on opportunities that other technologies don’t provide.

Instead of a pen and paper it’s a touch screen so it’s hands on learning, and it’s colourful, and it’s got sound.

I have a boy with special needs in our school that we had trouble engaging into topics, into follow up activities. There was often a block to going away and doing a worksheet, even though he knew what to do.

(We) brought iPads in as a tool for all the children, but it was definitely very beneficial to this child, to ensure that he was fully engaged in the topic.

(He) went away, did an activity that he would have done normally in another sense and put up a wall. But was fully engaged using an iPad, and continued to use the iPad to develop his learning as well.

Tags: Primary, Assistive technologies, Literacy, Writing, iPads, Boys writing