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Using digital technologies to support the teaching of te reo Māori

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Duration: 2:51

Teachers from Pegasus Bay School describe how they use digital technology to support the teaching of te reo Māori. In particular, they talk about the apps TellagamiExplain Everything , and Kahoot!

Aine Elliot: I use digital technologies to support the teaching of Māori. We’ve recorded the children’s pepeha on Tellagami. We’ve used Apple TVs to watch YouTube videos for the different waiata we’ve been learning, or we’ve been looking at learning different kupu, and looking at different games you can play online. Children have also used Kahoot! to write quizzes for each other to test themselves on, so lots of little ways of using the technologies but it’s all helping us increase our vocab.

Vicki McKenzie: You need to go into Explain Everything, you need to take a photo of yourself showing the feeling that you’re going to be talking about. You need to lasoo your face and write with the picture, the feeling. So you might say, “Kei te harikoa ahau." Would I have a face like this? Will I have a face like? I’ve been using Explain Everything for the tamariki to do pepeha and their mihi, and do recording, and Tellagami, and they love it, so they’ve been using that for sentences in te reo. They’ve recorded themselves speaking te reo and asking each other questions.

Student: Kei te pēhea koe?

Student two:  Kei te pēhea koe, how do you feel?

Student three: Kei te wera ahau

Student four: Kei te pai ahau

Vicki McKenzie: Being able to use that technology, they can share it readily with others. We can put it up for parents to have contact so we can put it on the blog. They also can hear themselves and see what they look like so they might think, mmm actually I need to slow down or looking at how they present themselves when they’re saying, especially a mihi or pepeha so it gives them a mirror to see what they actually do and look like and sound like.

Student: Tēnā koutou katoa e mihi ana au ki te Maungatere e mihi ana au ki te Rakahuri e mihi ana au ki te Ngatai.

Gina Keating: We have Apple TVs so when I went to teach e papa, I showed the tamariki some rakau clips that I found on YouTube. We’ve also, the karakia, again, YouTube’s probably the main tool. The Māori dictionary’s been an amazing resource. Any time anyone says, “Whaea Gina, how do you say this? I’m just, <typing notion> ah, there we go,” so that was probably the most used website that I had from the course. I didn’t know about it before the course. I do not know what you’d say for anxious, how about I have a quick look on the Māori dictionary and see if it will tell me. Turi turi, let’s have a listen mānawanawa, mānawanawa, so mānawanawa, can we say that?

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