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Designing learning built on student interests

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Duration: 2:0

Dave Gillies, Assistant Principal, shares how teachers connected student interest in skateboarding to the curriculum. Caroline Moore lends a parent perspective on how her child's learning was developed.

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Title slide: Designing learning built on student interests

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Filmed at Rāroa Normal Intermediate School

Dave Gillies, Assistant Principal
We, at the start of the year thought how do we engage those children that are hard to reach?
Dave speaking to the camera.
It starts with relationships, it starts with getting to know who they are.  Students skateboarding and scootering.
We connected with a core bunch of students over their interest in skateboarding. They’re the classic skateboarders, Dave speaking to the camera.
everything is influenced by that passion for skateboarding, their fashion, the way they talk to each other. Pretty much everything they do. And we wanted to find a way to bring that into the classroom to show success or show how they can apply that passion into what we traditionally regard as success.  Students skateboarding.
And so we designed an inquiry, where we took these learners out and we explained to them, or showed them how you can apply traditional  Dave speaking to the camera.
concepts in traditional subjects into the context of skateboarding. So the way we applied this skateboarding context into our curriculum was we started with the basics. We took the foundation skills like mathematics and we showed them Student using measuring wheel around skateboard track.
 how that connects to skateboarding. Dave speaking to the camera.
So, for example, we timed students going around our new pump track. We looked at how high we can ollie. And then we looked at the measurement behind an ollie, we looked at the physics behind an ollie, we looked at the angles required to make an ollie go higher and their learning was developed in that way. Students skateboarding.
Caroline Moore, Parent
Dave spent quite a lot of time with Henry designing a project that would meet all the same outcomes and get the same educational information into his head but do it in a way that would actually make Henry happy. 
Caroline speaking to the camera.
They were out on the pump track recording him. Timing him going around and it was all about statistics was all about making graphs.  Students skateboarding and scootering.
Henry came home and was talking about what he was learning. He was talking about what he was doing. Which actually meant he was learning a hell of a lot. Caroline speaking to the camera.



Tags: Primary, Upper primary, Cross-curricular, Technology, Student inquiry, Learning design, STEM/STEAM, Integrated curriculum