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Design production teaching: Collaborating with classroom teachers to integrate learning

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Duration: 2:7

Chris Bailey, DPE teacher explains how working alongside other teachers and students creates opportunities for integrated learning. Sharing and planning ideas in a collaborative space has led to learning of skills that can be transferred to new environments.  

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Title slide: Design production teaching: Collaborating with classroom teachers to integrate learning

enabling e-Learning

Filmed at Rāroa Normal Intermediate School

Chris Bailey, DPE Teacher
In 2014 I took over from the traditional woodwork teacher. 
Laptop screen showing design software.
And so when we started DPE (design production education) we started with this whole new idea of working around a design process.  Chris speaking to the camera.
When we first started off we really started looking at how they could use the design process to create their own products or own projects.  Diagram of NoTosh Model.
Initially it was construction based work. Then gradually we went to purchase the laser cutters and 3D printers and then started learning all the design programs that went along with that.  Inside DPE area, showing tools and equipment.
My role within this team is providing that sort of opportunity for those kids to learn  Chris speaking to the camera.

those new tools and the more sort of 21st century learning and the skills and tools that they'll use outside of school.

So recently over the last few years with teachers like Chris, they've come in and he's got great design skills

Students working in DPE area.
and knowledge and so he's been able to work with students using the space  Chris speaking to the camera.
and using the tools as well as part of inquiry projects from the classroom. Student displaying board game project
When teachers like Chris have an idea or a project in mind they’ll usually just share that with me.  Teachers meeting around table.
I'll often get shared some of the planning that goes behind it. So I've got a bit of an idea of what's going to be happening. And then I can, you know, have a bit of input into potential ways of how it could work and you know having a different sort of idea of maybe something they haven't thought about or using a different tool or something like that.  Chris speaking to the camera.
And then they often will just come in with the students and I’ll work alongside the students and the other teachers as well. I really see this space as a collaborative space, as a space where people can come in. Whereas traditionally it was, it was the woodworking space and nobody else was allowed to work in here apart from the woodwork teacher.  Students and teacher working in DPE area.
You know so I really see this as an opportunity for lots of other teachers to come in and experience this. And work with the tools and learn the different skills that they need and to transfer that into classroom environments. Chris speaking to the camera.



Tags: Primary, Upper primary, Cross-curricular, Technology, Student inquiry, Learning design, STEM/STEAM, Integrated curriculum