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Planning for inclusive learning

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Duration: 1:15

Nicky Lewis, e-Learning teacher at Ashburton College, explains how she presents content in a variety of ways to make it accessible for all students to engage with. 

Accessibility is important. I try and create multiple resources for the same learning task. There may be an article to read, there might be an activity to do, there might be a DVD to watch, a video to watch, all of which they can choose from, and then there's something they have to fill in, or a couple of paragraphs that they have to write, or some questions they have to answer, that relate to either one of those resources. So you're covering the same things that they're learning, but they have a variety so they can choose. We've got a young lady at the moment that's not a big talker, and so we've worked around that. She will send me her information, rather than talk about it in a group online conference situation, obviously she finds that too intimidating.

They've got to learn the skills of being an online learner which is skills in it's own right then your core skills, then the content as well.

So there's lots of layering of different learning going on but you know, it is different!

Tags: Upper secondary, Secondary, Personalising learning, Inclusion, Accessibility