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Building teacher capability

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Duration: 3:0

Teacher Kate Friedwald explains how whole school PD at Wairakei School, based on the Teaching as Inquiry model, is being applied to ICT or some form of technology, and how through the SAMR model they are ensuring students get the best from their teaching.  

Kate Friedwald:

Some of the teaching and learning and some of the pedagogies being picked up by other interested staff members where they use, say, a class Google account, a class blogger and they use the same aspects of the programme through in those classes.

The digital citizenship has carried through into all classes of the school because every student is using their Internet to every student needs to know that information. It’s moving down the line so ready for next year.

The teachers involved in the programme (are from) across different classes. We all get together and and discuss the pedagogy, we’ll discuss how we need to go and have all this information in our learning online for students.

I’ll use my work as an example along with work from other schools and just really transform that teaching from other areas into how they can put that digitally ready for their students next year.

One aspect that I really found in my learning was looking at the SAMR model and moving myself and teachers through from substitution through to redefinition.

So at first when we got our iPads at school there was a lot of, "It’s your turn on the iPad" and the children would explore, we would say, "use the maths apps only" or, "use the reading apps only." (And) now we’re really moving to the point with myself and with all our staff where it’s "one app for one purpose" and it’s usually creating or redefining the work they’re doing. Something they could not do without that iPad device in front of them.

So that’s the set of apps we require students to have are based around that, they’re not sit and play apps, they are create, share, communicate sort of apps and that’s moving right through from having staff here with "techy brekkies" in the morning to sharing knowledge, the students in room one going to other classes and getting that knowledge across and it’s coming through really well and staff now feel like this iPad is a lot more valuable tool because it’s not a substitution tool.

Teaching as Inquiry has had a huge impact. This whole concept of identifying a need and seeing what I can change in my teaching to achieve that need that fill that outcome with my students.

I looked at how the students need to be more independent, they need to choose and design their learning around the interests they had. That’s when I went and explored what is out there, the apps that can do that, what other schools are doing, and that’s when I changed my teaching and made it more around focused on what the gaps that the children needed to fill rather than how I wanted to teach.

That followed through our whole school PD is based on the Teaching is Inquiry model so this current year, every staff member has an ICT or some form of technology Teaching is Inquiry. It could be related to iPads, it may not be but it’s around how we can transform using the SAMR model and our Teaching is Inquiry alongside that, that’s helping us transform from the substitution through the pathways so that we can make sure our students are really getting the best from our teaching.  

Tags: Primary, BYOD, Professional development, Classroom practice