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The N4L Managed Network

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The Government established N4L as a Crown-owned company to develop and operate a managed network for schools. The Managed Network provides all schools with Government funded access to reliable, fast, safe internet connections with uncapped data. 

A nationwide upgrade to the Managed Network

N4L is rolling out an upgrade designed to provide schools with a safer, smarter online learning environment. They are enhancing online security services, providing greater internet capacity (i.e. more data), and reducing technical complexity to provide technology that’s safe and optimised for learning.

The upgrade is fully funded and will be completed for all schools by Term 4, 2019.

Find out more about the upgrade »

N4L completed the rollout of the Managed Network 2016

N4L's Managed Network Rollout 2016

In this video , N4L staff, teachers and school leaders describe:

  • the rollout of N4L's Managed Network
  • it's benefits for teaching and learning
  • the future of the network. 

Contact Network for Learning (N4L)

For information on N4L services, see:

Ministry of Education support

Education Service Desk (provides sector application support, e.g. for e-asTTle)

ICT Helpdesk (support for desktop application, warranty, and licensing)

For all other ICT queries and support, schools should use their existing support channels.