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The Grass Roots Ideas initiative

Helping schools around New Zealand better understand how digital technologies can enhance teaching and learning.

About the initiative

The Grass Roots Ideas initiative was set up to help schools around New Zealand to better understand how to use digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

We know teachers and school leaders are best placed to know what is working in this area of fast-paced change and this initiative aimed to help teachers and learners to lead a transformation of the education system through small-scale, iterative, and incremental change. So, we provided funding to allow schools to test ideas and information in 2016-2017. We sincerely thank all the schools, teachers, and students who were involved.

While no further funding is available for Grass Roots Ideas, we continue to support innovative teaching and learning practices through the Ministry’s Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF). Information about future TLIF funding rounds can be found on Education.govt.nz .

Grass Roots Ideas reports

Reports from the schools who took part in this initiative.

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