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Students from Melville Intermediate helped students from neighbouring Broadlands Primary School prepare and learn a short mihi using Skype.

Tags: Distance learning | English | Learning languages | Collaborative tools | Communication | Primary | Upper primary |

Fendalton Open Air School teachers collected and analysed a range of data to enhance their writing programme and engage learners. 

Tags: English | Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | Communication | Multimedia – video | Presentation | Primary |

Suzanne Baldwin and Lizzy Harrison, Burnside High School, addressed the needs of 13 target learners by making learner agency a core focus for their inquiry

Tags: Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | e-Portfolios | Secondary |

Porirua East schools: Cannons Creek, Windley, and Holy Family conducted an inquiry to understand and enhance impacts on learning among target students in 2015 and 2016.

Tags: Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | Primary |

Roydvale and Wairakei primary schools inquired into ways of helping students gain ownership over their learning. They used Timperly, Halbert and Kaser’s (2014) Spirals of Inquiry as a framework for their inquiry.

Tags: Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | Primary |

The year 7 and 8 teaching team at Marshland School establish a makerspace to increase engagement and enable successful learning for priority learners.

Tags: Project based learning | STEM/STEAM | Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | Primary |