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Students from Melville Intermediate helped students from neighbouring Broadlands Primary School prepare and learn a short mihi using Skype.

Tags: Distance learning | English | Learning languages | Collaborative tools | Communication | Primary | Upper primary |

Fendalton Open Air School teachers collected and analysed a range of data to enhance their writing programme and engage learners. 

Tags: English | Teacher inquiry | Collaborative tools | Communication | Multimedia – video | Presentation | Primary |

Year one students at Lyttleton School share their learning through digital stories, which provide students, teachers, parents, and whānau with a common language to discuss relating to others and managing self.   

Tags: Teacher inquiry | Communication | Lower primary | Primary |

The COVID19 pandemic in 2020 meant that schools had to adapt quickly to students learning from home. At rural Newbury School, 5km from Palmerston North, this challenge presented new opportunities for teachers to engage with their students and community using technologies. 

Tags: Distance learning | Home-school partnership | Communication | Primary |

Cobden School successfully used digital technologies to build on student learning during New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown.

Tags: Distance learning | Home-school partnership | Communication | Primary |