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The flipped learning model – Purpose and pedagogy at Ashhurst School

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Duration: 1:59

Ashhurst School Principal, Heath Chittenden, speaks about the flipped learning global standards project and how they have created a standard so that flipped learning looks the same no matter where in the world you are based.

Heath Chittenden

The flipped learning global standards project is a group of professionals, educators all around the world that have been on an online forum sharing about what flipped learning is in our classrooms. As it’s grown we don’t want to lose the essence of what flipped learning actually is and the purpose of flipped learning so therefore, we’ve come together to create a standard around what it would look like in our schools regardless of which country you work in.

Teachers and educators from anywhere around the world can go to one place and one message is being sent with the key important parts as all of us take onboard flipped learning within our schools. Flipped learning really is when students are provided with some sort of information prior to their guided session with their teacher. So they observe a clip two to three minutes long and then they come to the teacher ready to learn or have some knowledge about what they’re about to be taught.

Flipped learning fits nicely in with our school culture, and programme, and philosophy around how we teach students because we want students to be active in learning and not to be passive. The whole focus of our flipped learning is to reach every student, every lesson, every day. It’s not about the videos as such, that’s just a pathway to actually our teachers being able to have conversations and rich conversations one-on-one with students, which is very difficult in a non-flipped environment. And also addressing what students’ difficulties are. Teachers make assumptions about what they may be but through the flipped process we go through we actually unpack what they need to know, or what they don’t understand. And our teachers are more used, not as facilitators, but activators and actually activating their knowledge and what learning they are actually wanting to know. And also actually how to apply that learning in their situation. So it provides a really rich curriculum for us because our teachers are more with students and engaging with students rather than standing in front talking to students.

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