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Sustaining the flipped learning pedagogy within your school

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Duration: 1:10

Ashhurst School Principal, Heath Chittenden, shares how important it is that all staff are trained to use the flipped learning model and the resource bank that is available to them.

Heath Chittenden

So every teacher who starts at my school has to complete the flip level 1 training before they start on the first day which means that every staff member has a deep understanding of that pedagogical approach. The way that we’ve developed our school with our curriculum and how we store videos, etc. that teacher has already got an armoury of models that they can actually use and access.

The videos are categorised against our learning objectives and then put on a Google Site. The teachers can just go onto the learning objective, click on it see if there’s a video that’s appropriate. If it is, they just take the link, put it into their planning. If they take on the shift to their practice and they have the support of the material, it’s actually quite easy for them to do it.

Because it has to be sustainable, here’s 20 something teachers here. Every year you get two or three come and go for a variety of reasons and so it would be easy to lose that impetus, or that impact, or that knowledge base but with the resource that’s available in the flipped learning global site there’s just so many different options for teachers to engage with.

Tags: Primary, Professional development, Flipped learning