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Raising student achievement using a flipped model of learning

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Duration: 1:27

Staff from Ashhurst School talk about where they have seen achievement levels rise in their school and how they think flipped learning has attributed to that.

Karyn Giles: I’ve been here for 11 years now which is a long time and seen lots of different types of learning come in. Heath came in and he had done a lot of work around flipped learning and thought that it was a really good way of learning. For me I’m really solid around good teachers are good teachers and good learning practice and teaching practice is good teaching practice.

The achievement’s risen because good teaching will raise achievement but the engagement, and the time, and the relationships with kids has has grown I guess through being able to free up the teacher time in the classroom.

Sara Lambert: Improving the level of our boys’ writing has been a schoolwide focus for us in all of our classrooms.

Heath Chittenden: And so our prominent area of students’ achievement actually for boys in particular, back in 2016 was actually below. As I said, when you match it against 2018 data, you can see that now we’ve actually seen a bit more of a genuine bell curve shape around achievement.

Sara Lambert: In 2016 we showed 61% of boys in their writing achieving at or above the expected level, and in 2018 we’ve just seen that that’s jumped up to 72%. So we are starting to gather data that is telling us that our flipped learning approach is making a difference to their achievement levels.

Tags: Primary, Future focused learning, Flipped learning