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Introducing digital technologies to the community through student voice

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Duration: 2:6

Staff and students of Ruawai Primary School used student voice to share with their parent community the ways in which digital technologies are used to support learning, and to share what students are learning with their families.

We recently had a community consultation meeting, and for at least half of the time allocated to that meeting we had children presenting, talking about what makes the learning exciting for them, presenting to the parents how they use the blogging, the blogging guidelines, how we create a safe Internet environment in our school.

On Thursday night we presented for the "At the Community" night. We did it about blogging and Google docs. What we did was, we explained what we do on it, and what we post, and the rules.

At parent night I explained how we use Google docs.

It was brilliant. We’ve just had so much positive feedback about that night and about the children being so excited about that learning. And it was quite an eye-opener for a lot of people that that’s what our children are doing in our school.

Sue Woods
The community consultation was awesome, also because we had six to eight students show us how they blog, how they do their iMovie’s, and how they use the computer, etc. for the screen in the classrooms, and how they work it all. It was great.

There will be an expectation next year that every class is – that students are updating their blog every week. One of the rooms is already, is currently doing that, so it will be more of a widespread expectation next year. I see that as, probably being where our greatest emphasis will be, is that blogging. That seems to be what really excites the children and it’s a great way of communicating with home. So we think that we’re on the right rack and we really do want to listen to what our kids have got to say.

Tags: Community engagement