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Sharing student learning

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Duration: 1:47

Staff and students from Apiti School discuss the benefits of using e-portfolios to share student learning with parents and the community. 

Mary Cuming: The e-portfolios seemed to us the only way to show student success and to celebrate their success and for parents to see the next step. We trialled a lot of different media. We’ve tried wikis, we’ve tried blogs. With the wikis, we can put different pages on.

Hannah: We’ve got a wiki space and every pupil has their own page and we use it to do reflections and goal setting and share it with everyone.

Mary Cuming: We do have parent evenings to explain how it all works.

Ben Pratt: I think it’s pretty important that parents have involvement in their children’s learning and with the e-portfolios, you can keep track of the kids’ learning and see what they’re doing, make comments on their work and just really keep abreast of how they’re going and progressing in school.

Brooke: My Mum and Dad sometimes look up on the wiki and ask me what I’ve been doing at school. It’s very good for them just to look at the wiki.

Mary Cuming: Most of our wikis are open to the world, but each child has got a passworded page and on the passworded page are their matrices for strategy and knowledge in maths, for writing, for oral language and the parents can share their password with anyone at any time.

Ben Pratt: It’s very easy to access the kids’ learning. I can look at my kids’ learning on my phone, when I’m anywhere, at any time and access it very easily.

Tags: Primary, Social media, e-Portfolios, Communication, Community engagement, Whānau engagement