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The N4L Managed Network

N4L's Managed Network Rollout 2016

N4L has successfully now completed the rollout of the Managed Network.

In this video, N4L staff, teachers and school leaders describe:

  • the rollout of N4L's Managed Network
  • it's benefits for teaching and learning
  • the future of the network. 
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The Government established N4L as a Crown-owned company to develop and operate a managed network for schools. The Managed Network will provide all schools with Government funded access to reliable, fast, safe internet connections with uncapped data. Over 1000 schools were connected in 2014 and all schools will be offered a connection by the end of 2016.

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The Ministry of Education wants to help schools use technology to achieve education goals and make a difference for their students. All schools are encouraged to review their strategic planning and curriculum using the range of tools related to learning with digital technologies on the Enabling e-Learning website. Schools can be assisted with this by contacting the Connected Learning Advisory service


The process of connecting has three stages


decide prepare connect Image Map
1. Decide

Connecting to the N4L Managed Network is optional, but it is very likely your school will benefit. If your school is thinking about connecting, this section is for you.

2. Prepare

If your school has already registered and is currently waiting to connect, this section will help you to be ready to make the most of your connection when the time comes.

3. Connect

The N4L Managed Network can provide immediate benefits to your school when you connect. This section identifies what you can do to ensure your staff and students are able to make the most of learning with digital technologies using the managed network.

This section provides information on the benefits, impacts, timeframes, and considerations when connecting to the N4L Managed Network.