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The Grass Roots Ideas Initiative

The Grass Roots Ideas Initiative aims to help schools around New Zealand better understand how digital technologies can enhance teaching and learning. It gathers real-world information from teachers who are innovating with technology in the classroom.

About the Grass Roots Ideas Initiative

Grass Roots Ideas aims to help schools around New Zealand to better understand how to use digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

We want to work with teachers and school leaders to identify, test, and share learning ideas which take advantage of the internet, digital devices, digital resources, and/or digital tools.

We know teachers and school leaders are best placed to know what is working in this area of fast-paced change and we want to help teachers and learners to lead a transformation of the education system through small-scale, iterative, and incremental change.

We want to help you investigate and share ideas from the "grass roots" of the education system to help other teachers and schools to embrace the opportunities that digital technologies can provide.

Is the Grass Roots Ideas Initiative for me?

If you have been using technology in a way that is innovative, or you have a brand new idea you would like to trial, the Grass Roots Ideas Initiative wants to hear from you!

All ideas must use digital technologies in some way and demonstrate a difference in teaching or learning. We will investigate ideas which you think will have a positive impact on student engagement or achievement. All ideas must have a measurable impact, and investigating and reporting on your idea could take a very short time, or up to 12 months.

What happens if my idea is selected?

The Ministry of Education will support successful applicants by:

  • funding release time for the person or people leading the change in practice (e.g. a teacher) to cover their involvement in setting up and implementing the change, analysing the results and writing them up
  • providing mentoring support from our Grass Roots Ideas Advisor throughout the application process and idea investigation.

Who can apply?

We hope to help teachers and school leaders investigate and share ideas from schools of various types and sizes.

How to apply

We have kept the application process as quick and easy as possible. You should contact the Grass Roots Advisor. They will discuss your idea with you, and then complete the initial paperwork.

Contact the advisor by emailing delta.info@education.govt.nz and including “Grass Roots Ideas” in the subject line.

Grass roots initiative projects

The Grass Roots Initiative website provides information on current projects and the people involved.

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