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New TV channels, online learning, and booklets for students learning from home during lockdown

New TV channels, online learning, and booklets for students learning from home during lockdown

08 April 2020

Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced an $87.7 million emergency funding boost to allow schools students to work from home.

It includes:

  • two new television channels for education-related content, one for English medium and one for Māori medium, including Pacific-targeted content
  • some specialised content for parents, to help them support their child's education, and early learners
  • hard-copy material provided and delivered for different year levels
  • working with telecommunications companies and internet service providers to connect households without internet connection as quickly as possible
  • working with schools to identify students who lack a suitable device for online learning, and delivering as many devices as possible to the students who will benefit the most.

Priority will be for high school students working towards NCEA and those with "greatest need to disadvantage".

Full story TV1 News »

enabling e-learning

Newsletter: Flip learning to teach from home

03 April 2020

Have you considered how you might apply flipped learning during school closures? 
Read our latest e-mail newsletter to find out more.

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Remote learning through term two

03 April 2020

Schools will shortly be moving into distance learning delivery. This will open up many new opportunities, challenges and possibilities for the way schools and kura operate, and how staff (both teaching and non-teaching staff) work. 

Online support for distance learning

The Ministry has launched two websites which provide advice and resources to support parents, whānau and teachers. The websites will help early learning centres, schools and kura to develop online learning plans that they can share with their parents and whānau.  

Helpdesk assistance 

The Connected Learning Advisory helpdesk assist leaders, teachers, kaiako and whānau to make full use of the online environments and resources, as they provide for a continuity of learning for their students and tamariki.

CORE Education, run the helpdesk. They will provide this and other online support from 8am to 5pm on business days.

Support includes:

  • Technical advice for teachers and whānau in response to their Helpdesk enquiries
  • Online support to assist:
    • whānau to understand how to use the IT tools they have and how to engage safely in collaborative spaces
    • principals, leadership teams, and teachers to select and use appropriate tools and strategies to communicate, maintain learning programmes effectively across their community, and manage online safety
  • Community liaison: connecting early learning services/school/kura leaders and whānau with networks and resources.

For more information read:

Netsafe launch "Stay Connected, Stay Safe" education campaign

Netsafe launch "Stay Connected, Stay Safe" education campaign

01 April 2020

Netsafe encourage people to use and engage with all different types of technology to stay connected; they provide tips and advice about how to do it safely.

The resources on netsafe.org.nz including the 10 best online safety tips for lockdown  will help you provide a safe environment at home and when working remotely with your students.

Netsafe are asking people to use the #stayconnectedstaysafe on social media to share how they have made a difference to someone else.

Zoom logo

Zoom have expanded access for schools in New Zealand

31 March 2020

Zoom has lifted the 40-minute meeting limit on free Basic accounts for schools in New Zealand.

Security resource for educators teaching over Zoom

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Support for your school to design and implement distance learning

27 March 2020

All schools and kura can access additional support for distance learning:

  • You can ask your current PLD facilitator for help and support to plan distance learning
  • If you want to use a PLD provider to help support thinking and planning for distance learning but you don’t have PLD hours or your current facilitator is unable to help please contact the PLD mailbox. pld.enquiries@education.govt.nz and the Ministry of Education will be in contact to help broker some support.
  • A number of schools can continue to offer learning online, if the Ministry of Education can help please contact them through the PLD mailbox pld.enquiries@education.govt.nz

Removing data caps for internet

26 March 2020

Most of the major telcos have removed data caps and the possibility of any extra charges based on usage.
See the links to those major companies listed below if your staff or students working from home need further support with this.
“Removing overage charges for customers who are on data-capped broadband plans, so they won’t have to worry about paying extra to stay connected. This applies to both small and medium business and consumer customers;”
VODAFONE – https://news.vodafone.co.nz/covid-19-care
“The removal of data caps from data-capped Broadband plans for consumers and small to medium sized businesses until at least the end of June 2020”
VOCUS/SLINGSHOT – https://help.slingshot.co.nz/hc/en-us/articles/900000386943-Our-action-against-COVID-19?_ga=2.224375707.1878754814.1585097493-87562686.1585097493
“We removed all the data caps from our plans to better enable you to work from home during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.”
2DEGREES – https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/help-and-support/mobile/your-account/covid-19/
“Any customer who was on a limited data plan on or before Friday, March 20 will now receive unlimited data through until June 2020.”

Google & Microsoft Teamwork logos

Microsoft and Google technology support sessions for schools establishing distance learning

26 March 2020

Microsoft and Google are holding online meetings to support schools establishing or offering distance learning for their students.

Microsoft meetings

Date / Time Teams Link
Thursday 26th March – 2pm-2:45pm Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+64 4-280 7433   New Zealand, Wellington (Toll)
Conference ID: 595 820 938#
Tuesday 31st – 10am-10:45am Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+64 4-280 7433   New Zealand, Wellington (Toll)
Conference ID: 595 820 938#
Thursday 2nd April – 3:30pm-4:15pm Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+64 4-280 7433   New Zealand, Wellington (Toll)
Conference ID: 595 820 938#
Tuesday 7th – 10am-10:45am Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+64 4-280 7433   New Zealand, Wellington (Toll)
Conference ID: 595 820 938#
Thursday 9th – 3:30pm-4:15pm Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
+64 4-280 7433   New Zealand, Wellington (Toll)
Conference ID: 595 820 938#

Google meetings

Schools can participate in Google Hangouts meeting drop in sessions at Distance Learning Hangouts . These drop in sessions are for questions and help. 

Day Link
Thursday 26th March at 11am ( and next 3 weeks) https://meet.google.com/ugi-xfnz-qfn
Friday 27th March at 9:30am (and next 3 weeks) https://meet.google.com/bat-pkfx-tms
Monday at 11am (for next 3 weeks) https://meet.google.com/ugi-xfnz-qfn
Wednesday at 9.30am (for next 3 weeks) https://meet.google.com/bat-pkfx-tms
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Learning from home

23 March 2020

This new website contains advice and resources for parents and whānau, teachers and leaders spanning early learning through to senior secondary to support learning at home.

The resources:

  • activities that parents can use with their children and young people alongside what teachers provide
  • support teachers to plan activities for children and young people to work on from home
  • are sorted in age groups and year levels to help you find things that you can use or adapt for your children’s learning.

The Communication technologies page links to this site and several more useful resources to support teachers and school leaders with setting up and teaching remotely. 

Enabling e-Learning logo

Online Community events

05 March 2020

This year we have a number of new professional learning initiatives planned for you; to make the most out of the Enabling e-Learning resources and community links.

Digital packages

We are creating a series of digital packages that enable you to quickly access content and resources across Enabling e-Learning. 

Online discussions

Join these new discussions now

»Term 1 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events lists more upcoming discussions.

Minecraft competition 2020

Minecraft Competitions 2020

04 March 2020

INTERFACE, MOTAT, and Microsoft have teamed up for the Minecraft 2020 competitions. Entries are open now.

Entry forms

  • Students: Build a better future in Minecraft . Build a Minecraft creation that helps to save and protect our environment. Record a video showing how it works. Choose from three age categories:
    • Primary (Years 1-6)
    • Intermediate (Years 7-8)
    • Secondary (Years 9+)

Entries close: Monday 29 June 2020 (the last week of Term 2).

Digital learning day poster

Digital learning day

21 February 2020

Join teachers and students around the globe celebrating the use of digital technology in education for Digital Learning Day on February 27th.

Each year classrooms across the United States and around the world hold events to celebrate Digital Learning Day. 

Google for education  offer some great collections of free lessons as part of the day.

enabling e-learning


21 February 2020

Find out about what's new on the website and what's happening in the online community.


Classroom internet in hundreds of schools to get a boost

24 January 2020

The Government has begun a massive IT upgrade to provide more seamless internet access to 200 schools around the country.