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The e-Learning Planning Framework explained

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Duration: 3:0

Karen Melhuish, from CORE Education, explains the e-Learning Planning Framework. She describes its purpose and how it is supported by content on the Enabling e-Learning website.

Kia ora I’m Karen Melhuish, and I work for CORE Education. And, I’d like you to think about - how do you know how well you are integrating technology into teaching and learning? If you’re a school leader, how do you make judgements about where your school is, and where it wants to go in terms of building e-learning capability?

Well I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a team working on behalf of the Ministry of Education to develop the e-Learning Planning Framework. It’s a tool, a roadmap if you like, for school leaders and individual teachers to use as part of their inquiry into the way that they’re using technology across five key dimensions: leadership, teaching and learning, professional development, Infrastructure and technologies, and beyond the classroom - which is how well you use technology to connect with your wider community, the family, and the whānau of the students in your school.

This is a tool in the form of a rubric with supporting examples and resources and a possible approach for using it. Those resources can be found on the new website Enabling e-Learning which is on TKI. So you can go to Enabling e-Learning on TKI, find the e-Learning Planning Framework and supporting resources, download that, and use it as part of your schools inquiry this year or as part of your own investigation and appraisal into your own work.

Enabling e-Learning is a powerful new website that has been organised around the idea of providing resources to support your inquiry to underpin the planning framework. And, so for example, if you were looking to inquire into where you are now with your teaching and learning, to plan your next steps, to plan where you want to go, resources that you might need to help you with that, you could find on enabling e-Learning under Teaching and Learning. So, its worthwhile going to the website to have a play and to see what’s there once you’re using the Framework.

But, Enabling e-Learning isn’t just about resources and content. Enabling e-Learning is also a growing rich community of teachers from right across New Zealand, as well as abroad, who are discussing e-learning practice around those same dimensions that we talked about. So, Enabling e-Learning is really a whole package of resource and discourse designed to support you to build your e-learning capability whether you’re a whole school or an individual teacher. So, I’d invite you when you’ve got some time, go onto TKI and have a look around at the Enabling e-Learning website and to check out the framework this year as part of your inquiry.

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