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Why conduct a review of the way your school uses digital technologies?

Video Help

Duration: 1:5

e-Learning consultant, Karen Melhuish-Spencer explains; using the eLPF to carry out an e-learning and e-capability self-review provides accurate information to support your school when planning and making decisions about:

  • professional learning and development for staff
  • supporting learners
  • purchasing new technologies and developing school infrastructure.

Kia ora, talofa lava and welcome to this short video to support you as you go through a self-review process using one of the e-learning planning frameworks. So, the first thing to bear in mind is, why would your school go through a self-review of how technologies are being used across the school? Well, we all know that schools are concentrating hard on preparing learners for a 21st century in which they need to be active and discriminating users of information and part of that involves how technology is being woven through to support the school's curriculum. When your school is making decisions about how to support staff, to support learners, purchase computers, it's really important that decisions are made based on accurate information. So that's the point of doing a self-review around e-learning and e-capability. It's so that your school can make decisions based on the best information you have at your fingertips today.